Two events changed the way I look at life


The day I met my husband and the day our little girl Mishka was born.


My prayers were answered, I am more than grateful, I am forever blessed with love, motherly love, the kind of love mothers find difficult to explain.


By sharing our moments, some of the lessons I’ve learned through extensive reading (both self-help and children’s books I hope to convey how motherhood touched my life.

When I gave up on love, on a chance to have a family, God blessed me, with the most generous and wise husband I never even imagined I could have.

Mishka was born shortly after my 40th birthday. So I am an “older” mummy. ┬áThe energy and lust for life that Mishka embody can sometimes be challenging but with so much help and involvement from Ian, we overcome the tough times and enjoy our daughter.


I love my life with my husband and daughter, and truly experience God’s love through my family.