Family Matters

I am a Christian and wife to the most wonderful husband, Ian. We are the lucky parents of five-year-old Mishka, our only child.

My love for God is reflected in my love for my family, animals, nature, cooking, organic living and a Zero Waste Lifestyle.

We have recently been getting our hands dirty in our pursuit to lead a slow life.

There is so much pleasure in producing our own food, unprocessed and fresh.

What a privilege it would be to one day sell these products and other creations at a local market.

My long-term goal is to grow all the raw products for special creations and preserves.

This passion started a few years ago when I realised how precious life is, seen through the innocence of my daughter. It just seemed so wrong to put anything unpure in such a beautiful pure body.

I am not alone in my pursuit to live slower and an appreciation for handcrafted products – and that is why I started this blog.

To share all the amazing goodies from all around our community and to introduce and promote these wonderful entrepreneurs.

With this Vintage Soul, I cannot live without all the beauty around us, without hand crafted masterpieces.

If I am not in my garden or kitchen, I am out and about looking for keepsakes and vintage finds. Online and in our local shops.

This love for Vintage was instilled by my mother and grandmothers. They kept their special pieces safe to pass on to us, and I will do the same for Mishka.

Some of my favourite Vintage items are clothes. I have loved dressing up from when I was a little girl, always with flair and beautiful accessories. To me, the beauty lies in the detail. In how perfectly crafted each little brooch and headpiece is.

Sometimes, when I can’t find the perfect piece, I make it myself. Lucky for me a needle and thread were never out of reach as a child. My mum taught me how to hem my own school dress and from there on I picked up cross-stitching, quilting, knitting and crochet.

My love for cooking also started in my mum’s kitchen. Two sisters and a mum with an absolute passion for food, especially exotic dishes, kept us happy and intrigued. Now I use these skills when I cook with organic ingredients, locally sourced.

I believe this is essential to Mishka’s upbringing – to understand the origins of food and reap the benefits of organic living.


A gluten & sugar-free lifestyle is what our family aspires to, it’s not always easy and I will not lie and say we are zero-sugar or zero-gluten, but we try! The benefits are so visible, even more so in our moods and well-being.

The less sugar Mishka consumes the better. She is an extremely energetic little girl, I sometimes wonder if she knows what quiet and reserved mean, but this is also what I love and admire about her!

To be the best possible mum and confidant to Mishka inspire me to learn more about organic living and do more to make it a dream come true. Together we explore the magic around us. We believe in faerie tales and wonderworlds.

This blog is aimed at inspiring you!

Come, create with me, explore slow living and get to know me, and my family.

I only hope to make available to you the same magic I experience every day, through my family, my home, my community and my God.

Let’s go on this journey together!

Febe & Mishka

(and Ian, and Gigi, Phantom and Tammy (our lovely hounds), and our tortoises Max and Ruby who taught us that slow is cool, our six bunnies (we can’t keep up with them) and 3 siamese fighter fish.

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