about me

This small business is a natural extension of the almost 10 years of eco-friendly, slow-living, up-cycling and recycling lifestyle changes our family made.

Treading slowly and cautiously gave me the opportunity to truly observe and appreciate just how special my surroundings are and I couldn’t ignore this overwhelming feeling of wanting to share a little piece of my magic with the whole world!

What do I do? I forage and source seasonally and sustainably to create these little pieces of nature art in the form of wreaths – big and small, rough and sophisticated, happy and introspective. Sourcing from local female suppliers also gives me access to a wonderful knowledge base. What I enjoy most about my creations is sharing it with you!

The whole process from picking the flowers to sitting down and sketching my designs to finally creating a beautiful wreath fill my soul with gratitude and awe. What someone else may see as an old dried flower, I see as another colour and texture in my flower palette.

What started as gifts to family and friends grew into this little shop of wonder.

Fèbè Flowerish wreaths and flower crowns are 100% compostable. The bases are handmade and the ribbons are made from 100% naturally dyed linen.

My philosophy is centred around reusing and repurchasing various elements of nature and everyday items.

With these pretty wreaths I hope to give you a moment of reflection to admire the daintiness of wild flowers but appreciate their resilience – a little reminder from nature that no matter how fragile lifes eems there is so much power within each of us to overcome life’s challenges and keep flowering!

I share my life and passions with my husband Ian, daughter Mishka and our two furry friends, Gigi and Roxy.

Watch out for my range of organic products soon to follow

If you’re ever in Hermanus, give me a shout, I would love to give you a tour of my studio and find your perfect forever flowers xxx