About Us

We are Fébé and Mishka, mother and daughter, exploring our wonderful world.

Our fun steampunk headgear is by Char’d Hermanus

Hermanus is our home, I was born in the beautiful and peaceful Eastern Freestate, Mish spent her first 5 years in Pretoria and Ian is a born and bred Joburg boy. Wherever we are or go, our intention is always to live life to the fullest!IMG_2738

What drives us is our love for our immediate surroundings and our passion to conserve as much of it as we possibly can. We believe that however small you think your part is as an individual, together all these little efforts will make a big difference.

Being a mother changed my life and my view of the world in such a profound way, this is one of the topics I love to write about and engage in conversations about, as I truly see the difference loving, involved and educated parents make in the well-being and health of our world.

All our photos by Gillian Coetzee

We also like to write about fun places and beautiful products, whether it be toys, plants, food or health products. With a wealth of handmade and organic products right here on our doorstep, we feel it is an integral part of our community’s personality and we just love to share it with you all!

Like I mentioned, motherhood changed me, but not only in a serious and grown-up way, it changed the way I look at life, I see it as a more fun place to be in, I am experiencing things for the very first time because of my relationship with my daughter, I enjoy little things more because she can always see the humour in a situation or the amazing in a place. I tend to do more silly things now than I have ever done as a child!

 I believe the very foundation for anything, relationships with people with nature starts with respect. Our family, however small, passionately believes in respecting each other and life and nature.

Our day-trip with this bike with side-car was made possible by African Hoopoe Tours, especially given to us for the day by friendly and passionate owner Marius du Plessis

For the past year, we have been very busy looking for gems in our little valley but nothing could have prepared us for the extent of talent in and around Hermanus. By meeting one organic enthusiast we are put on the trail of another health aficionado, and then foragers, and natural textile manufacturers, it is just one big playground for creatives and alternative thinking like-minded fellows!IMG_2702

This blog is the consequence of all of those wonderful encounters I first had while still living in big bad Gauteng (not at all bad, just big!). Being the mommy of an only child put me in a very fortunate position where I had time and a support system to plan and host fun and creative celebrations for her every milestone. I got to know so many small business owners, especially crafts-women. I couldn’t let these moments just be memories, I decided to hire a professional photographer who inspired me more than she’ll ever know. When I went through those photos I realised I had to share my party secrets with the world, because these creative small-business owners need to be found out about and talked about!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram as this is where we usually spill the beans first, so if you don’t want to miss out on the next farm-to-table event or beautiful hideaway, pop onto our page for little snippets. IMG_2751

Without all the talented and wonderful featured suppliers, this blog or any of our adventures would not have been possible, I just want to thank all of you and compliment every single one of you for your unique and beautiful product, place or event. A very special thanks to my amazing photographer, Gillian Coetzee, for capturing all of us in such a beautiful way.