The other day Mishka asked me if she can start using perfume…she is a tween girl after all… I prefer using natural products as far as possible and she has a sensitive skin, so I started looking at natural options. We love our @youngliving essential oils and I know it has emotional and physical healing properties. I have made myself perfume rollers using their oils, but I know my tween prefers a perfume spray… A while ago I stumbled across a post by the amazing Annabell @botanical.bella about diy Natural Perfume… Problem solved! I bought a natural perfumers base and pretty glass perfume spray bottles from Annabell. She even shared wonderful perfume recipes with me… For my perfume I used White Angelica and for Mishka’s we used a blend of Orange and Joy essential oils, which we added to the alchohol base. I am surprised at how perfectly it blends and how well is disperses. We are so delighted that we have found a perfume that smells amazing and has health and environmental benefits. This soothes my ethical conscience. Have you considered changing switching to Natural Perfume?

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