We structure our lives around meaning and fulfillment.
We strive to live in the moment, but it is not always possible…
During lock down we have more time to savour our lives.
We are forced to slow down even more, we are able to have brunch and dinner as a little family, play board games and really connect with each other.
This year we really have time to stand still to honour and recognize Jesus Christ’s resurrecting from the dead, and His glorious promise of eternal life for all who believe in Him.
To get into the Easter spirit we decorated our home with some special things we collected over the years and added some of our own creations as detail.
We will have an Easter egg hunt for Mishka, she loves adventure therefore we will make it special and exciting. We managed to buy some Easter eggs, but it’s not about the eggs more about the adventure…
We had loads of fun creating all sorts of Easter crafts which we will use to decorate our Easter table.
As part of our Easter tradition we bake and cook up a storm. Our all time favourite: Hot Cross Buns. All the credit goes to Boschendal!
Hot Cross Buns
We are also going to bake a cake today and tomorrow we will have a special lunch.
Our hearts go out to those who are hungry, lonely and depressed during these dark and difficult days.
Photographs taken at Caro du Toit’s Studio
For many of us it is the first time we will spent Easter apart from family and friends. Covid-19 is impacting so many aspects of our lives.
We will join the Easter morning service via video because we cannot go to church during lock-down.
We are so blessed that God has chosen us to be a part of Him.
He is alive and in control of our lives.
We will get through this lock-down and life as we know it will never be the same.
Remember to take time to care for yourselves this Easter.
Reach out and bring a bit of hope in this time of crisis.
Look towards love and life!

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