Birthdays are about wishes, and wishes are different every year!

This year was a little bit different from all the other years because Mishka could participate in every step of the planning. She even had her own ideas about the menu!

I must say, this to me made it extra special, to see her so excited about making her birthday special and creative, not just for herself, but for her friends to enjoy! What stood out to me was the fact that making goodies for a birthday party adds so much more to the excitement, because it got Mishka thinking about solutions to little problems, creativity flowed from so many sources.

For us it’s always about sourcing local, but more importantly re-using and recycling what you already have at home to make a party special. That’s why I keep gift wrapping, ribbons and strings, anything I can imagine being useful in creating tinsel or decor for a beautiful party that won’t break the bank!

Of course we have four seasons in one day, so planning for an outdoor party is usually a big gamble! Our coastal winds did not make it easy to set up or keep the decor in place, but we enjoyed every moment nonetheless!

This is just little excerpts from planning to party!

Birthday Invitations

All kinds of party goodies

Flower Crowns

All Natural Play Dough

This was a family effort! How wonderful the colours of nature! Spirulina, Paprika, Cocoa en Turmeric made for all the beautiful colours and each colour was given a beautiful fragrance by adding essential oils to the dough.

The final product was a bottle with the various coloured dough layered and ready to be played with! Each little girl could add some sparkle to their play dough…

Granny’s Bunting

She made the most beautiful bunting to adorn Mishka’s birthday setting.

Face Painter

A party is not a party it there’s not a bit of face painting!

Woodland Fairy Nature Hunt

Each little girl got her own homemade drawstring backpack with checklists of treasures to be found in nature! Just to make sure they were armed with the best equipment, they also got a pencil and magnifying glass!


Make your own Terrarium

The last activity for the day was to build their own terrariums using beautiful Hermanus shells, succulents and various trinkets.


This was just a magical day filled with sparkles and giggles and most of all adventure!

Where to get what for a little girl’s Fairy Nature Party:

Getting a party together takes quite a bit of planning but most of all knowing where to get all the pretty things can make all the difference. I gladly share my list with you:

Mishka’s beautiful outfit was custom made by Annapatat Kids

The Mini bunting on the cake was a gift from Bella Poppelina


We rented the macrame from Handmade Macrame


All the pretty food was made by Kirsty from The Garden Kitchen

Charlotte from Botrivier baked Mishka’s cake

The Vintage pixies were bought at Mr Collectable


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