We take for granted the privilege and accessibility we have to books! A while ago I wrote about the importance of reading stories to your children, to teach them about libraries and book shops, but not everyone can just pick up a book and read.

I came across the most amazing initiative, not unique to Hermanus, in fact it is a worldwide initiative. It just spoke to me on so many levels, the most important of it is sharing, sharing of knowledge, sharing of stories.

A Little Free Library is a free book exchange. It belongs to everyone and everyone can use it!

When you see something you would like to read in A Little Free Library, take it. When you are finished, share it with a friend, bring it back here, or leave it in another Little Free Library.


It is up to everyone to keep A Little Free Library full of good reads! Bring books to share when you can, and continue being a friend of Little Free Libraries everywhere!

This is not only for children, but for all ages.

How often have you read an amazing book and thought you could share it with someone who needs this exact story, but just kept it on your bookshelf. Yes you can take it anywhere, but this initiative is simply about sharing books, not about any other form of charity.

Mishka loved sharing her books and picking up books from other bookworms. This initiative has a clear message, it is about sharing!

Find a Little Free Library near you. I found ours on Facebook.



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