Supporting mompreneurs: featuring

I’ve said this before, but will mention it again: we are so lucky to have the most amazing mommy entrepreneurs in our wonder world, especially craft and clothing small business owners. They are always interested in making something especially for us, to truly reflect who we are. is one of our new favourites and I want to share their story with you.


We started our little family business after my beautiful Ava Hazel was born and I just couldn’t find anything unique to wear or dress her in.

So my mother Zenobia Engelbrecht started making clothes for Ava and I fell in love with it and could not resist sharing my beautiful mom’s talents.

We slowly started to look for designs and fabrics. This in itself was an amazing journey for us because it allowed us to spend so much time together, not to mention Granny time with Ava Hazel. 

We decided to name the business after my daughter: Ava Hazel Storey and if you look at it we just dropped the “Y” to make it☺️


The first romper my mom made had a frilly neck, which is “our signature romper” named the AvaHazel Romper – inspired by the girl herself.

We offer something different and unique, something you wouldn’t find in shops

Our style is a bit peasant-like, almost old fashioned and timeless.

The heirloom dolls were added to the business later on and we called it: madebyzenobia. 

My mom made Ava a doll and this became our next product line so the whole world could share in the beauty and craft of these 100% handmade, one of a kind dolls.

We are confident that our business will grow with Ava and who knows maybe she will take it over one day. For now half of the proceeds from our sales goes straight into her education fund! 

This is exactly why we love supporting, they have the style we adore and the values we believe in. But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself


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