It’s easy when they are little girls and they just hang on every word you say. Growing up means they start having their own opinions and sadly their own time. In between school and activities, not to mention all the shouting and motivating that goes into getting them to do homework – you might find yourself thinking if you do enough to spend real time with your daughter.


Soon she will be in high school and then boys enter the realm. Parties and hanging out with friends. Where will I fit into her life?


I decided to find a way for us to connect and do something that we can always come back to when those teenager years hit and we barely talk. I wanted to start a little tradition for just the two of us, special and away from the hustle and bustle.


Picnics are special because there goes planning into it and having to know each other to pack the right things. I thought that this way she will always know that I know her, because she will find all her favourites in our picnic basket. And we all know that this changes over time and the only way to know is to be observant and to care about her likes and dislikes. This is a very simple way to make her see that I still see her.


You can pick a spot and keep it the same, or you can explore and decide together on where to go next. We are so blessed with many very special spots, with nature and beauty surrounding us. We keep a nature journal to jot down the names of the places we visit and stick the treasures we find in it.


I know that when Mishka is out in nature she is in her element and I hope that when she grows up and feels sad or alone, that she can suggest we take time out and pack a basket. I hope that she will find comfort in our time together and feel free to share her hopes, dreams and fears with me.


Time cannot be bought or replaced. This is the gift I hope to always give my daughter.


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