This is where we find the freshest, most wholesome ingredients for our slow living.

Whether we are stocking up the fridge or looking to treat our basic ailments, Deon is always friendly and helpful, with our health at the forefront.


Simple things like replacing cow’s milk with goats milk can be tricky if you don’t have access to a wonderful health shop.


We also source our cleaning products from Deon, because we just do not have the time to make everything at home ourselves, and it is just so reassuring to know that he has the same principles when it comes to organic and healthy living.


Changing to an organic lifestyle takes planning and having access to beautifully sourced products, and if you can, look in your area for a gem like we found in Greenways Health Shop.


Seven years ago, when Mishka was born, we decided to make a major lifestyle change, mainly because of all the benefits it has. Indirectly this choice affects your own backyard, the greater earth and your community.
We understand that this is not always easy or practical, but the aim is to live a healthier, cleaner and earth-friendly life, this means making moral and ethical decisions.
By supporting our local farmers our community benefits and this makes for healthier living as well.
A few tips to start your organic switch:
  1. Start a small backyard organic herb and vegetable garden – pick easy to grow so you get into the habit of taking care of a garden without losing hope of ever seeing a sprout.
  2. Start composting by having a bucket in the kitchen for organic refuse – this nourishes your garden and helps reduce waste
  3. Avoid using plastic bags and packaging – there are plenty of alternatives on the market, you can even sew your own grocery bags
  4. Use glass bottles and containers – simply wash and sterilize your empty Mayo bottles etc, paint the lid and you have free earth friendly containers
  5. If you can’t make your own organic cleaning agents source it from your local health shop

More than anything, this is a mind switch, it is thinking about what you put into your body and thinking about how your consumption of mass produced products affect the rest of your community and that it ultimately boomerangs back to you.


Start small, a simple change such as taking your own shopping bags can make a difference if everybody starts doing it.

Preserve for future generations.


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