We start our Christmas vibes round about November, the same time our weather starts warming up nicely on the West coast. The Southern Hemisphere is very different from what is traditionally celebrated as a snowy time. We indulge in sunshine and beach lunches, and for Christmas we usually celebrate on the eve of the 24th. Even though the sun only sets at about 20:30, it is much cooler in the evening and we can enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean while a fire for the ambiance crackles in the background.

This year I decided to create a calming table with pinks, greens and whites. My great granny’s pink dinner set came in handy and I really appreciated the full set of pretty pinks.

For many years we all tried to make a trip to a central point but with four siblings and each with their own family it is becoming more and more challenging to get the whole bunch together. Now we are happy if half of us can make it!

We don’t have many set traditions except granny’s Panetonne, and we are not Italian, she just perfected it over the years. Scrumptious and light, with a dollop of creme fraiche,  who can resist. And this is just the bread!

Hubby makes his Gammon, secret recipe and thickly cut, Grandpa is in charge of the leg of lamb and the girls make salads and fresh goodies. I made a pumpkin pie this year, it was a hit!img_1618

It’s too hot to have a hot meal, we are happy to mix it up and there is always plenty to take to the beach the next day.

We didn’t have a Santa this year, instead the kids indulged in a good dose of pinata hitting and swinging.


No Santa didn’t mean no gifts. Mish did her thing as she has been doing since she could walk, a choc chip cookie, Milk and a carrot!

Santa (well Oupa T) enjoyed the treats and the girls were spoiled with a handmade wooden portable doll-house.



Gifts are lovely, but what we enjoy most is being together, from all our different corners, together to celebrate this special time and hear about each other’s past year and plans for the next.



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