Turning Seven already? How many times do we feel life is just happening so fast! Especially when you see your baby become a little girl with her own ideas and ever-growing curiosity.

Flower crown by OPGEDOLLIE

Choosing what to do on your Birthday is always fun, and this year I left Mishka to decide on the activities, I just brought it together into a theme: Llama and Cactus Fiesta!

So here are my tips on creating an unforgettable birthday for a little girl:

  1. Plan it around activities she truly enjoys


Oversized tassels on chair handmade by Mishka x x x

2. Look around your home for her favourite toys and see how you can replicate it with materials you already have

Felt llamas and cacti made by the curious_kitten

3. Pick a few centrepieces to buy and add the rest by hand-crafting it with her

Llama head handmade and handpainted by Lolali Soft Design

4. Involve her in the preparations, even if it is as simple as letting her write on the blackboard or making cards for the food

Tassles handmade by Mishka & Me

5. If it is going to be outside make sure to have a plan B for when the weather disagrees with your plans

Mishka’s outfit by Tonian’s Closet | Basket and Hat with Tassels and Pompoms by Perfect Imperfect

6. If she only wants girls at the party, invite only girls, there is plenty of time for boys to join in later in her life

So much fun in these beautiful Teepee tents to rent by Sarah Peaches Teepees. It comes complete with the mattresses and can even be rented with fairy lights for sleepovers.

7. As they grow older it is not necessary to invite the parents too, have a little snack table for those who would like to stick around

Beautiful snacks for grown-ups by The Garden Kitchen

8. Pick a venue suited to most of her friends, for example, if you know some of her friends don’t enjoy swimming, rather plan it at a venue with other options too


9. Get Granny or Aunties to help with the decorations, it makes for beautiful mementos and memories to cherish for life

Handmade wooden boxes by OPT (Oupa Tella)

10. If the party becomes too big, i.e you stress more than you did arranging your wedding, it is time to go back to the drawing board, keep it simple (on your terms)


We decided on Fernkloof Nature Reserve for its open spaces and beautiful simplicity. The weather was perfect for a nature-day, all the little girls could not get enough of running and exploring, taking little moments for a little Siesta in their tents.


Paper lanterns from tree branches and bunting all around created the festive mood.

As we spend quite a lot of time in the garden, but not enough according to Mishka, she wanted to share this hobby with her friends by having a table where everyone could plant their own garden and learn to make a little flower arrangement. Mish’s grandparents are both creatives and the little wooden boxes were made by OPT (Oupa Tella) and Ouma helped the girls with the flower crowns.


Of course, we could not let this opportunity go to waste to hit the Pinata, one of Mishka’s favourite party tricks!

Lots of fresh fruit and juice keep the girls energised and hydrated, all in the name of fun!


All things said and done, for me the Birthday cake remains one of the main activities, blowing out the candles and making a wish, the innocence and the belief in all things good and wonderful! I get to do this with her every year for at least another 11 years!

Cake by The Garden Kitchen

I am grateful and so blessed beyond words with a healthy happy family!


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