You have a load to carry, not to mention a very tired little one after a long day on the beach, at a picnic or on the camping site.

Baskets & Hats by Perfect Imperfect

The streamlined, all-black Wonder Wagon has pockets for everything. Easily accessible drinking- bottle storage in the front and all the rest fits neatly in the large compartment.

White Teepee Tent by Totem Teepee

Bring it all! Umbrellas, beach balls, boogie boards, buckets and spades, cooler boxes, towels. Load the wagon and choose your spot on the beach, one trip does it easy!

Mishka’s swimsuit by Lullaby Rock Apparel

Roughing it off-road? No problem, the Wonder Wagon has pneumatic tyres to take you where ever your heart desires. Perfect for sand-loving and bush kids.

Lift the loop in the middle and the wagon folds up, chop-chop, ready to pop back into the car.

Striped Jumpsuit by Tonian’s Closet


Cleaning those ice-cream stains and sun block spills is a breeze with easily detachable fabric.IMG_5668

No more schlepping around beach accessories, picnic paraphernalia or a thousand back-and- forth’s, the Wonder Wagon makes any trip effortlessly joyful!IMG_5680

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