When entering Terra Madre farm you immediately get a sense of an old worldly goodness, where everything is fresh and organic!IMG_1617What struck me most was Nicole’s incredible hospitality, but when I learned more about her and her family it all made sense. This has been her dream for more than twenty years! Owning and running two successful restaurants in Johannesburg, there was always the hankering to one day live in this beautiful valley and not only prepare and share food, but to grow it. Nicole believes that food should be grown and prepared with absolute love, and her love for her family is the root of everything here on Terra Madre.

My parents live on the farm. They are an integral part of my life and of Terra Madre. Mom, Koula hails from Droushia, Cyprus and dad, Chris from Limnos, Greece. I have a truly deep sense of gratitude to be blessed with them.

IMG_1630When we arrived, Nicole was very busy, as is the case on a working farm where the juice is pressed from their own apples and pears, a shop with more than 120 products, all organic and beautiful. But this did not make her any less passionate about showing us around and letting us harvest our very own organically grown vegetables to purchase and take home with us. We also bought free range meat and eggs, free from growth hormones and reared with integrity. The flavour and quality are outstanding!

If you can’t make it to the farm you can order online and it is delivered to your door!

After shopping, we put our bags down and took a stroll down to the dam, where we encountered the most amazing mushrooms! Everything on Terra Madre falls right into our liking, organic food, freshly squeezed juice and food from a Greek Kitchen!

Beautiful blue bonnets from Little Kindred. Bunny brooches by Selfie Feltie. Annapatat made our collars. Mommy & Me dresses by Little Poppiez

What more can you ask for when it comes to food. Right here in our valley!

Blue Mary Janes by Bear-Bear-and-me


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