We were rushing out to a dinner party at friends and Mishka kept on going back to her room for more doll accessories: “no mommy I have to get her bottles because we will be away for a long time and she will get hungry, no mommy I have to go back for her blankie,” and so it went on.

Custom made neutral coloured Swing from wooden.it.be.nice


Needless to say, we were not on time, but we could stay so much longer because Mishka was occupied in her own little world where she is a mommy taking care of her ‘baby’. Yes, we were annoyed and late by her fidgeting at the very moment we had to leave, but I soon calmed down and as I watched her play I realised how special it is for my little girl to have an instinctive maternal nature. I felt a little bit sad when I realised that this may very soon be replaced by simulation games on a computer.

Custom made cot with cot bumper from wooden.it.be.nice


That’s why I have a very special appreciation for our local toy makers. Wooden.it.be.nice puts so much effort into creating the most detailed make-believe life for children interested in playing house-house. They custom made a cot for Mishka’s baby doll with a cot bumper and all!  IMG_9104

We were also very happy with their alphabet blocks which can be made to your colour preferences. Angelique truly understands how important learning through play is and every little detail enhances play time.

Dassie & Owls from The Fairy Caravan


With a custom-made swing, Mishka spends hours swinging and dreaming. I love it when fun is also good for Mishka’s development and swinging does just that! It helps children to learn sensory integration – the body’s ability to organize its experiences with touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, and the pull of gravity. … Swinging is essential for developing a child’s ability to adapt to incoming sensations.

Wooden.it.be.nice creates a make belief house with neutral, elegant well-manufactured appliances, oven and kitchen cupboards which double-up as storage and display units in your child’s room.appliances

A practical modular table-desk and chairs can be detached and moved around the room.modular table chair

For boys, they make the most adorable aeroplane table and chair. These are the most beautiful wooden toys, accessories and décor items to add a natural element to your child’s room.aeroplane-desk.jpg

I am curious to see what they bring out next! For now, Mishka will swing and play house-house with these stylish and elegant toys for a long time to come (hiding away the computer for another year!)

A special thanks to High Season Farm for hosting us


by Gillian Coetzee


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