We invite you to experience the wonderful world of foraging with Roushanna Gray!

The beautiful High Season Farm will be hosting our event and in preparation for this Mish and I planted a few edibles in advance.


Roushanna Gray: On land, at sea, in forests and mountains, there is food all around us, we just have to open up our senses and reconnect.
To know what is edible and what is poisonous, how to identify, to learn what part of the plant to harvest and how to prepare are all important and valuable lessons to learn in sustainable and responsible foraging.

Mishka and I were so amazed by the gems in our surroundings, it stuck with us and we simply can’t go to the beach without looking for an appetiser or something to take home with us.  I cherish our moments looking for these forgotten nutritious treasures, but I also encourage planting our own. To spend a day in the garden nourishes more than our bodies, to feel the earth between your fingers and giving a seedling the chance to thrive – nothing quite compares!

Roushanna Gray: We would love for you to join us on some of our deliciously wild adventures and welcome you to discover our edible landscape. From wild mushrooms to seaweeds and shellfish, edible weeds and flowers, to roots, shoots and more – every season has its own particular flavour.

A new season is coming and we want you to join us in this learning adventure!

Roushanna Gray: We also host an array of exciting seasonal and sustainable foraging classes, workshops and collaborative events, educational school trips, tour groups, hen and stag parties and corporate team builds – please read on to find out more.

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