Their concept is simple, their food absolutely delicious! I’ve always been very sceptical about ready meals because we’ve been brought up to believe that nothing in a box can ever be as good as mum’s! So the stigma died very hard for me. I am a true believer of making everything from scratch, be it a béchamel sauce (which Umatie by the way makes to perfection) for lasagne or a tomato puree for meatballs. But collaborating with these two lovely ladies changed my mind forever!

Our collaboration with Umatie changed my mind about ready meals forever! Thank you for making your beautiful meals available to enjoy on our family outing!

What else can you expect from two sisters with a passion for food? They started very humbly from a small cottage six years ago and today they have a small factory in the Wineland capital, Stellenbosch. Not only do they still do everything just as mum would they also spend every day there, which means the quality is controlled!

Umatie collaborated with us and made all of these beautiful meals available for us to taste and enjoy!

Which mom doesn’t remember those dreadful days of weaning your little one. All the efforts to give them the most nutritious food: blending, pureeing, sifting, mashing! All in vain! It just never seems to be as beautiful as Purity. Umatie has solved all of this for the new moms out there! It is simply the best there is on the market when it comes to ingredients, nutrition, texture and variety.

Mishka loves her veggies, so we’re all good there now, but my hubby still needs a little convincing sometimes, again, Umatie makes it easy with their mix-and-match meals for grown-ups. Soulful suppers include bolognese, chicken, lamb and papa nando! Besides Umatie’s beautiful clean-lined but homely packaging their product speaks of quality and love. You choose, they cook, freeze and deliver!

We were blown away by the tasty and hearty meals. I always keep a few Umatie meals handy for those impossibly busy days when you simply can’t even open a can, admittedly even on days when I do have time! These lovely meals are ready to go, pop it in the microwave, the oven or reheat in a pot on the stove!

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a delicious my ‘mom’s’-taste-better’ proof meal! You will, in fact, prefer Umatie (shhh, lips are sealed ; )


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by Gillian Coetzee


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