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Diana learns to meditate

Diana Dassie used to be a bit of a worry-pot. 

“What if I’m late for school?”
“How will I get dry if it rains today?”
“What if there’s a spider hiding under my chair?”
One morning, walking and worrying as usual, she slipped on a muddy spot in the grass.  She landed flat on her back and there she lay, staring up at the sky.
The clouds were so beautiful that for a few moments all of her worries disappeared. She breathed slowly and admired the passing clouds.
“Wow, who knew how nice it could be to stop worrying for a few minutes – perhaps I should practice this every day!”
And so Diana Dassie started to meditate without even knowing it!

by Fairy Caravan

I cannot emphasise enough how impressed I am with this whole concept, the brain-child of Liesl van der Hoven. Especially now that we are focusing on mindfulness, it fits right in with our Mindful March campaign.

Liesl is revolutionising our approach to parenting by involving us in the learning process, by making it fun for parent and child to read and participate.

“I believe that parents are being called to a different way of parenting: Parenting that is in tune with what every child needs; in short, mindful parenting.

It is hands-on and she does not just provide you with a book and leave you high and dry, it is a continuous contribution by means of a Story Club which is pro-tech; a balance between screen time and sensory playtime.

“ In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, we don’t believe in eschewing all technology; rather we need to use technology in a mindful way. – Liesl van der Hoven


By adding activities around each story theme, Fairy Caravan assists in strengthening the parent-child bond because these activities may require a parent’s help to complete the task.

Shoes by Bear-Bear-and-me


“The stories and activities always encourage the development of a child’s imagination. Imagination is important because children cannot create or achieve anything before they can imagine it first! – Liesl van der Hoven


What we love about Fairy Caravan is the printable activities to encourage crafting with paper and glue.

There is a wonderful comfort in Fairy Caravan’s stories knowing it helps children in their struggles with nightmares, loneliness and dealing with anger.


I am so amazed by Fairy Caravan’s special approach to get children to read and develop creative skills, ultimately it can be utilised throughout their lives, I believe if I teach Mishka to transpose negative feelings into creative problem-solving techniques, she will be equipped to deal with adult challenges in a productive way.

The Story Club is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years old

All activities and dolls by Fairy Caravan


I am so excited to be part of this special parenting method and this is just the beginning of our journey with the Fairy Caravan. This encouraged me to join a group of people who work with children and parents in a therapeutic environment to provide services or products to children and their parents to inspire mindfulness. We meet twice a month to discuss how we can support, uplift and help one another as well as our communities.

Very soon I will be sharing more information about this special group.

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  1. What a lovely article Fébé! Thank you so much for helping to share what the Story Club is all about with the world! The photos are fantastic – thank you very much to Gillian Coetzee for taking them!

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