There was only one, the perfect choice for creating Mishka’s mermaid outfit – Lienielief!


This beautiful and creative mermaid tail and top are just two of many of Arlene’s crochet projects.

DSC_7033 (1)

She started out with the all comforting and universal (but essential item) – The Blankie.
Those nimble fingers were made for bigger things. She makes the most adorable baby flip-flops and headbands, wonderfully imaginative toys including the very popular Tooth-Faerie-Mouse (who has helped many a little girl or boy to embrace switching from baby teeth to a permanent set of pearlies).


She is always open for new ideas and will customise to suit your unique preferences for colour and style.

Your child’s next dress-up party need not be a worry, Lienielief can transform your humble idea into the fairy tale every girl dreams of.

Don’t for one minute think that this is all she does; she has a day job AND creates these amazing crochet pieces, pieces to keep and pass on.

It’s not just another mass-produced toy to throw into the “let’s-keep-this-just-in-case’ box – Lienielief makes everything so perfect and so delightful, if you manage not to wear it out because it is so comfy, you will want to keep it forever. You want to display the owls and the bunnies; you want to hang the cardi on a hook for everyone to see, even though your little girl has outgrown it.

Lienielief remains one of our favourites!

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