Some idols never go out of fashion. Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” was popular when I was in my teens, but I do remember my youngest sister being absolutely besotted! Times change, but classics stick! Mishka is in love.

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To add to this inspiration she was told a little story by my dad. A story which was modified slightly to suit the audience. Nonetheless, the star of the story is a mermaid who washed up on the beach of the Wild Coast, and early morning fishing can do strange things to a man’s imagination, but Mishka believes in this story like she believes in the tooth fairy and Santa.


There are so many depictions of this folklore, but one of the most famous is probably Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” (1836). He describes The Mermaid as a water creature who can only obtain an immortal soul by marrying a human being. His story inspired many other depictions of a mermaid. Mishka understands that she is mystical and from the sea and this is ideal for a coastal child. Hours of fun in the shallow waters, imagining having a tail of a fish and adornments made of shells and fishnets.


What other theme could she have chosen for her first beach party! When the pirate made his appearance the mood was set!


Mishka and her friends all believed he jumped off a boat near the shore just to be there with them, bringing a treasure chest filled with gold and silver. This turned into a treasure hunt and later everyone decorated their own mini treasure chest.

Girls were adorned with a crown and wand, boys with eye patches and swords (to take home with them).  All the beautiful felt toys, stars, garlands and decorations were made by the very talented Mossie Handmade. It was easy for Mishka to go into character with all these wonderful theme-setting elements, not to mention the most amazing shell crown, handmade by our all-time favourite accessory supplier, Opgedollie.

I was lucky to find Best Days to make this an extra special event with so much attention to detail ensuring that the theme was repeated in every decoration, food and beverage.

Gone are the days of sugar overload, we thought tuna salad, fruit and samies, jelly and rice crispy treats will sustain energy to partake in all the little activities, biggest of all running on the beach!

Our most treasured privilege at the moment is having the beach, to enjoy as often as we can, to experience the amazing weather patterns it is associated with, the vastness of it and the sea life we get to enjoy. This is our gift to Our Little Mermaid, it makes the big move and the scary life decision all worth it, to see the freedom and the joy in our daughter’s everyday life.

watercolour camera
Photos – Gillian Coetzee
All Felt Decor & Toys – Mossie Handmade
Shell Crown – Opgedollie
Crochet Tail & Top – Lienielief




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