My little girl is turning six in November and I am remembering all her little achievements and highlight up till now. It feels necessary as she will very soon be growing up at a different pace with very different influences and experiences. Going to primary school will be the beginning of her formal education and teachers and friends will become an integral part of her development and perceptions.

I’m not sure if Mishka loves Johnny Depp because he’s the madhatter or if she loves the madhatter because its Johnny Depp! But she had to have the hats..


Everyone could decorate their own little top hat – one of the activities to accentuate the Wonderland theme


That’s why I am cherishing every milestone leading up to this important age. I think  I have mentioned this quite a bit on my blog, how we love celebrating birthdays. I want Mishka to know how special every year in her life is to us and how grateful she should be for having another opportunity to be part of this life here and now. That is probably why I put so much thought into the occasion. And why I want her to have some say in it.

In our world where we are constantly bombarded by perfection on every possible social media platform, I feel a little bit of the pressure to keep up with this. Perhaps to make her feel she has nothing standing in her way to be the best and to accomplish great things.

So many factors play a role in Mish’s everyday life and become part of her hopes and dreams. What better way to start a little bit of belief and faith in magic by listening to her hopes and dreams throughout the year and to then try and give her a little taste of realising dreams by throwing her a very special birthday party.


Konfetti Love did an absolutely marvellous job to create the perfect Alice in Wonderland mood


Sometimes social media puts a lot of pressure on us, but other times it really is inspiring and it helps us to discover very talented people we would otherwise only have heard of through the grapevine. There is something for everyone’s imagination and personal taste.


Discovering  Konfetti Love made my birthday planning so much easier. She truly understands exactly what you have in mind and gives absolute attention to every little detail.


Besides a five-year-old’s increasing need for independence, an abundance of energy, developing co-ordination and mental ability, a need for physical activity, there is also the notion of cause and effect and last but not the least they start showing personal passions and obsessions.

This is where the idea for the theme Alice in Wonderland started. Mishka watched the movie and after that, I could not drag her away from her garden parties. Everyone had to join her for a tea party, sitting with her on the mini garden chair set, with one cheek on and one-off, just to indulge her in this fantasy world. She was fascinated by the mad hatter and I almost had to get her a cat too!


Something that intrigues me about this age is Mishka’s interest in the how and why of the way things work. Cause and effect. She started bombarding everyone with but what if this happens or that. And how did that come about? This is not entirely a bad thing. Research has shown that:

“As kids learn to predict what will happen, they can also relate cause and effect to their own behaviour. They know their actions have consequences. If she’s horsing around in the house with a ball, she knows she might break something.”

This is also a time for you to start giving your child plausible and logical answers rather than making it up to entertain them. It is very important to start connecting the dots at this age. Interestingly, Alice in Wonderland struggled with exactly this in Wonderland. She is frustrated that in this world she can’t make sense of the relationship between cause and effect. Think about how Lewis Carroll (who is supposed to be a logician) makes a mockery of logic by using jokes, riddles and games. Alice learns that she can’t make sense or find logic in these encounters and it frustrates her.

This is such an important phase of a child’s life. To learn how to logically unpack problems, to find solutions by thinking it through. We can help them by explaining things rather than making jokes out of it (all the time). There is a time and a place for everything, and I certainly believe a sense of humour is imperative. I am so grateful for Mishka’s dad in this area, he helps her to laugh about it when I tend to be very serious. Luckily Mishka takes after him in this manner, she is always up for a joke and entertains young and old with her comical outlook on life.


To find that fine balance between reality and dodging consequences is probably my next big challenge with Mishka.

For now, it’s is all about the imagination and enjoying these blissful moments before she grows up completely.


I don’t know for how long I will have a say in her themes, or for how long she will want to have birthday parties. I can only give it my all while I still have this privilege to be a part of it.

I also wonder what is next, what will be her next passion and obsession. I find joy in the fact that she has her own interests, as this makes it so much easier for her to learn, purely because she loves it and is truly interested. Her dream vocation changes almost daily, my job is to show interest in these dreams, not to steer her in any particular direction.


There’s still many years to resist influencing her ideas, these developing years is meant to let a child become their own little person, with our guidance.

Mishka in Wonderland! It is where she is now, and  it is perfectly fine with me!

Luka Photographyby Madison & West

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