My name is Meryke Koch, Born in Kuruman. I’ve been married for seven years, to my best friend, my tall, dark and handsome prince charming! William James Koch. I am also the proud mama of a two-year-old daughter, Hailey.

She is our little miracle after two years of trying to conceive. She truly is a blessing and our little sunshine. What did we do without her in our lives, particularly with our time?


I studied Somatology but circumstances put me in my dad’s office, taking over his admin from my mom. And so the office work started taking up most of my time. Strangely, because I wasn’t busy for eight hours a day… it just always felt like something is missing. This was before I fell pregnant. When Hailey arrived a few things changed, but my mom helped taking care of her while I continued doing the admin work. Between spending time with Hailey and thinking about what is missing I always felt so blessed to have received the most precious gift from my Lord, my Heavenly Father.

This is one of Mishka’s favourite accessories, genuine leather crown. Original creation


But the nagging feeling that I have to pursue something more creative did not leave me. It was when I turned thirty this year that I realised what I enjoy. I started making a few hair bows and clips en tested the waters.

How amazing this journey has been. I was blessed with angels, three amazing women who just showered me with advice and support. Yolandi from KaraKenya, Mariska from Little_miss_Kaylee and Werone from Fraa Leather. I’ve been in tears so many times, realising what an overwhelming notion it is that women actually support each other in this sometimes unforgiving and cruel world. It just revived my faith in people, and that we all deserve our spot in the sun.I will never be able to thank those women enough!


PoppeLoppie was the only name fitting for this new child of mine because it is what we called Hailey from the very beginning, PoppeLop!  And #metLiefde because I have so much to give, so much love and care in every handmade item.

Most of the designs are mine; I’ve expanded my range to include bows, clips, crowns, bowties, dummy clips and so much more still to come.


I design and my mom helps me with the stitching. She gets an opportunity to be creative too! We can share our ideas.

I thank my lucky stars that I can be creative on a daily basis, that I have supportive friends and a wonderful family.

Enjoy what you do and you will never work a day in your life!


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