What a wonderful surprise! Something crafty and educational for the kids! The Whale Festival was such an amazing experience for Mishka, so many wonderful opportunities to learn about the sea and shoreline. I would like to give special mention to Creative Notions. They combined craftsmanship with education and offered a step by step package to create your own little whale. With so much experience in sewing, they created this amazing pattern which requires no previous sewing experience!


How can a little girl or boy resist learning about whales when the end result is a cuddly soft toy?


This is the cherry on the cake. A take away gift, non invasive, non-damaging to nature. The materials are soft and lovely, the instructions very clear.

As their ad says, an indoor activity for young, and I must say for old too! Being an avid crafter, I absolutely loved every step of the way to creating our very own Humpback whale, Hermey!


You don’t have to know a thing about sewing, it is all just fun!

Mishka has a very special new friend. I must say it’s difficult to keep up, and she tries to spend time with all of them! Her beautiful little rabbit and Hermey are the favourites for the moment.


I just delight in special people like Creative Notions, people who also feel the need to educate our young, but with a lovely angle, not forced, not aggressive. A soft toy, made by hand must in some way encourage curiosity about whales. We are just so grateful for people with such a beautiful mindset.

The slow life is a slow process, but if you knock on the right doors, or if you visit some of our amazing markets and events, support the people with a vision, you can share in the slow life.

Hermey is not the last of their whales, they are planning their very own Southern Right Whale and hand puppets. Hand puppets to encourage imaginative play.

Join me on this adventure, there is so much more to see and learn. I realise every day, the more I explore the less I know, and you are coming with me on this journey, learning as we go. Hopefully we can play and learn and together be hopeful of a slow life, where there is time for our children, our spouses, our neighbours, conservation, enjoying ourselves!


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