A happy super hero….

If you look at some of Mishkas’s photo’s you would think I effortlessly dress her in anything I think is pretty or anything I like. Well, yes and no. Some things are good for an hour, others I have trouble getting her out of when she goes to bed. But if there’s one item Mishka adores, it is her pretty little cape!


Not only is it lovely and reversible, it has an old world charm to it, Mishka says she feels like a little lady. Not far from what it was meant to do back in the day. Ladies wore capes to protect their very precious evening dresses because a normal coat would damage the detail of the garment. Capes were also very important fashion statements. And of course, it keeps you warm!


But I think the reason Mishka really loves her cape so much is that it reminds her of super hero status. When she’s in her cape I have a hard time stopping her from flying off the jungle gym, because Batman’s cape can do it!

Anneke once again did such a lovely job customising this little reversible cape for Mishka, the floral pattern adds prettiness to an otherwise all pink outfit. It doesn’t interrupt playing, it makes the game all the more imaginative.


 Luka Photographyby Luka Photography

dressFloral Cape by Annapatat Kids

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