There are so many things we simply would not be able to live without, and if it wasn’t for the industrial revolution we certainly would’ve had to.

But at some point, people started to question mass production because of so many negatives, such as child labour and a downgrade in quality. That’s when the new era started, the one that we slowly grew into over the last ten years. So many buzz words inspired this new movement: climate change, slow life, organic living. If I can sum it up in one word: reduce! Less consumption and more customisation.


It didn’t start today, we can go back to the 1880’s when a major Arts & Crafts movement was started. Think about the more organic designs of William Morris and the likes.

I grew up in the 1980’s and I must say Morris’s revival of local arts and crafts did not really reach us in the eastern Free State. We were all about mass production and plastic!

We seriously started thinking about less is more when the first load-shedding hit us and Ian considered solar energy. When Mishka was born everything changed for us. It all came down to quality. Of food, of clothing, of time.


That’s why I am such an avid supporter of everything local and custom made. Annapatat stole my heart with her beautiful designs. Girly, lovely and fun.


I thought it would be so special to have custom pieces for Mish, the colours we like, the frills we love. Anneke always embraces my ideas, more than that, she compliments my designs with her flair and talent.

We absolutely love this pure linen reversible bonnet and pinafore dress with a lovely frill top.


All things considered, the quality, resilience and individuality of custom made designs are taking over this new era we live in. Annapatat is definitely one to watch in this new thriving indie market.

Luka Photographyby Luka Photography

dressCustom Outfit by Annapatat Kids

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