Growing up in Bethlehem often meant that we had to wear layers and layers of clothing, not to mention boring bog standard beanies. There wasn’t much to choose from, and I wish Betty’s pretty handmade snuggly pixie hats were around when I was Mishka’s age.


Made at Cedarhouse reflects the style and quality I remember Betty by as a young girl, window shopping at the boutique she worked at, in my home town.


Now Mishka can wear any colour, there is a beautiful pixie hat to suit the outfit. It is super comfortable and can take quite a bit of roughing outside. These little pixie hats were perfect for our day at Kamma Frans where lavenders and blossoms are equally in abundance this time of the year.


Betty’s talents do not stop at scarfs and hats, she has an amazing aptitude for anything that involves a needle and thread, from embroidery to cross-stitching and Kantha work.


We have both moved away from the freezing winters of our little eastern Free State town, and I feel so proud and lucky to keep Mish warm with pixie hats from homegrown talent.


Luka Photographyby Luka Photography

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