I remember as a little girl it usually took a while for me to settle into play dates, but just as I started having the most fun mom was there to pick me up. This reminds me of those play dates. We are all packed and ready to leave, and now I am discovering Gauteng gems.


Kamma Frans is one of those places, Mishka and I enjoyed our last explorations in our hood, stopped for a few snaps and treasured our last Winter moments in Pretoria.

We also found the most adorable accessories from Little Kindred. Nikola Joubert makes the prettiest bows and headbands, a passion that followed her pursuit for something special and unique when her little girl was born.


Every item is hand made, soft, comfortable and very girly.


The bows clip on easily and has a nice grip without pulling your little one’s hair. We all know how tricky it is to get your strong-willed girl to wear a pretty thing when it is not 100% comfortable. Small bows, large bows, bright coloured or pastels, there is one for every ocassion.

It is so beautiful because Nikola has a natural talent and quite a bit of practice, from when she was a little girl, she dressed-up her dolls with clothes she sewed herself.

I think it’s quite neat that we are moving to a place where talent and passion are so abundant, Nikola is also a Capetonian by birth, and now she is soaking up the East-coast loveliness in Durban, where she currently lives.

Luka Photographyby Luka Photography


by Little Kindred

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