I think I mention this quite often, how wonderful it is to experience life through the eyes of a five-year-old. Everything is new, astonishing and more accurately, according to Mishka, awesome!


Soon we will have the privilege of witnessing whale visits to Hermanus every year. On our mid-year break, we thought The Whale House Museum would be a good introduction for Mishka. Informative installations, photos and a huge (full-size) suspended southern right whale skeleton are just a few sneaky educational tools to grab a little girl’s attention.


Even if she does not understand every detail or remember the differences between baleen and toothed species, perhaps she will remember which are prone to visit our coastline, and maybe it will help her fathom the greatness of these creatures and their visits.

I could not help noticing how taken she was with the mere size of these sea giants and indeed, I find it very difficult to imagine a 5-tonne baby, let alone a big mama whale, growing as large as 65 tonnes!


Singing whales fascinated Mishka the most. “Mommy! Boy whales sing songs and they teach their babies how to sing too! “ She was so impressed when she learned that these songs can be heard under water for kilometres. “So they talk to each other, and call each other! Aah sweet! “

I had to be honest with her too and remind her that whales were not always cherished as they are today.  Until the mid 60”s whales were hunted down, many to the point of extinction. The much loved Southern Right Whale was one of  the most popular species to hunt, it is indeed where their name comes from, the “right” whale to hunt.


Luckily today, we have conservation laws to protect these gigantic wonders of the world, and we hope to spot a few Southern Rights during the whale season!

Two beautiful gifts in September, a new home on the West Coast and very welcome visitors, our beautiful whale friends.


I cannot wait to see Mishka’s face when she sees them, right there in front of her, in our own southern waters.



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