While we were on holiday Mishka lost her first tooth, it was quite the moment, a bitter sweet moment! Our only child, our baby is growing up now!

It all started about a month ago, “mommy my tooth is wiggly” We had to visit Grandpa not once but four times! She only trusts him to do this very important job. Unfortunately, to no avail, the tooth fairy was not in the area!

We decided not to make a big fuss and left it there. I often found her wiggling the loose tooth and I was sure she was going to pull it herself! Nothing less can be expected from my strongwilled daughter…(more on strongwilled children on my blog soon)

Look Mommy I did it!

While on holiday “The Tooth Fairy” was on TV and she watched the last part of it with her Daddy. This gave her the courage to wiggle and wiggle. With a little mirror in one hand, a lot of time (and blood) she did it! What a proud moment for Mishka!

I stood by her side the whole time and just realized again what a strong little girl she is. Not good for my poor heart. But a proud heart nonetheless!  It got me thinking about this moment in a child’s life, and what it means.

How interesting! When the first tooth is lost, the mind and body also get ready for a very different phase in a child’s life.

Rudolf Steiner believes that milk teeth are literally pushed out to make way for permanent teeth to help the child’s soul with thinking and memory.

And yes, indeed Mishka is school ready, in six months time she’ll be a first grader. Along with her lengthening limbs and narrower rib cage, every new tooth lost makes way for the permanent set of pearly whites and time for learning!

Research shows that the age of tooth changing is five or six, and not seven as we used to think and know. This could be for various reasons which I won’t go into.

I just think it is quite amazing that the teeth fall out in the order they appeared when she was a baby. The American Dental Association reckons it is usually the two bottom front teeth to fall out first round about the age of six or seven. And the last one to go is is the second molar, by the age of twelve or thirteen. Last tooth to fall out and also the last of innocence and childhood.  Yet another phase in a child’s life, the beginning of young adulthood.

Oh golly, let me not get so far ahead, I can hardly handle the loss of this first tooth. Still a long way to go! Time freeze!






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