Under the trees, on top of mushrooms

Counting down to Mishka’s Birthday month! Collecting ideas and wishes for another special celebration.

This made me think of Mishka’s Third Birthday Party – A woodland faerie party!


Our love for forests and woodlands started when we planned Mish’s third birthday party.


The idea popped up like a mushroom growing into a beautiful play between soft pastels and bright accents.


We wanted Mishka to feel comfortable but mesmerised, her friends to be free but safe.

A better location than Leah’s Fig Tree could not be imagined. The setting lends itself to several fantasy nooks.


A table under the trees for shade and the party goers could play all over the premises. Looking for special feathers and picking up pine cones.


What a sight! Girls in soft pink tutu’s, boys in Robin Hood apparel, running, skipping and sitting on the soft mushroom cushions.


A fun day filled with whimsy and beauty, detail and nature. We cherish every birthday, celebrating Mishka’s life, making it special for her and everyone there.


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