I could not agree more with Urban Baby Bonnets:

Bonnets are cool, fun, funky, functional, super-cute and distinctively original. They’re a postmodern twist on an heirloom classic!

Mishka loves wearing her unique Annapatat bonnets on sunny-winter days, protecting her from sun and wind at the same time.

Anneke du Toit from Annapatat kids custom-made Mishka’s bonnets. They are reversible and fit snugly by tying the pretty straps under the chin.

The pinky floral bonnet is adorned with embroidered detail, that extra touch of old world prettiness.

To think that these pretty accessories once upon a time were mainly worn to keep girls’ hair tidy indoors. Later on, a wide brim became popular to keep the sun out.

Bonnets were popular in the 17th and 18th century.  A taste for simpler fabrics in the 1780’s made Cotton a fashion fabric and that is when simple cotton house bonnets decorated with a separate ribbon became fashionable in every walk of life.

Today the cool combo of fun colours, prettiness and functionality make this classic heirloom a popular comeback.


We love and support proudly South African made apparel, and cannot wait to show you two more variations on the pretty bonnet, sassy hair bows and cute pixie hats.

Headgear adds something special to an outfit, it can be fun, expressive or add glam. We absolutely love anything unique and when it is functional like these pretty bonnets, all the more!

Luka Photographyby Luka Photography

dressBonnet by Annapatat Kids

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