amongst apple trees and pine cones..

We visited Old Mac Daddy today, what a lovely family outing.

The weather was perfect for our little excursion, cold, wet and misty.

The Elgin district is picturesque with all the apple trees for which it is renowned, it holds such beauty, even in Winter.

The leaves have fallen from the apple trees and vineyards, moss covered forest floor, pine trees, arum lilies, ponds filled with water lilies, ferns and wild mushrooms, transports you to fairyland…

It is such a happy place for Mishka and I!

I love teaching her about nature and its beauty and we love to forage.

Today we foraged pine cones, fallen leaves and a variety of seeds from different trees.


We saw the most beautiful wild mushrooms, it was misty and raindrops fell ever so softly on our skins and all the beauty that surrounded us.


This area needs rain so desperately and we felt so grateful for it! God is so faithful!

It feels so good to slow down and live life. I want to really live life and live slow, I want to teach Mishka the art of slow living, while I am still learning how to myself.


This is the most important form of art for me at the moment.

Starting to follow this dream we as a family need to make a lot of changes and it starts now with mindful and purposeful approaches.

Follow us on this exciting journey…

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