Annapatat Kids truly is a gem of a brand!

Look at this creative, fun and whimsical coat! Not only does it keep Mishka warm, she absolutely loves the feeling of the bunny ears flopping when she runs and jumps!


Even though Annapatat Kids specialises in products for little ones ranging from sizes 3 – 6 months up to 3 – 4 years, custom sizes can be ordered. Like the one Mishka is wearing.

True to Annapatat the quirkier the better! A simple hoodie is transformed into a wonderworld, where kids and bunnies intertwine, hop-skip-and-jump!


A lovely little lined coat, buttoned and adorned with bunny ears. Easy to pair with a neutral dress like the one she’s wearing. This magical little dress is also an Annapatat creation, lovely to wear with jeans or leggings.

The adventures your little one goes on with a winter item like this one makes it irresistible and priceless!

It was the first thing Mishka grabbed for our Mid-year break, we’ll share our adventures soon!

Annapatat is one of our favourites! She recently reinvented her branding, it is Annapatat in a picutre, playful and natural!

This bunny coat will be worn far into summer just for the fun of it, I’m sure! The longer Mishka can spend in imagine-land the closer she feels to her own fine range of bunnies, most of them soft toys, six of them live! Each and every one, soft and real has a name, and all of them (except the garden bunnies) get a chance to be the lucky one to look over Mish when she sleeps. I think it must be Peter who stole her heart during all of those Beatrix Potter books we worked through when Mish just could not close her eyes and say goodbye to yet another adventurous day.


Luka Photographyby Luka Photography

dressBunny Coat by Annapatat Kids

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