We’ve been working with Erika from Luka Photography for quite some time now. Ever since Mishka was a baby.

When looking at her photos, you’ll see that she has a natural approach to photography.
She loves natural light. Oh and on that note…

EVP_2612Wondering what “Luka” means?
It is a Latin word meaning LIGHT.
A short name, with the perfect explanation of what her work entails…

She’s a follower of Jesus. Passionately in love with her Saviour!
It is from this place that she lives out her creativity.

More to the technical side –
She studied photography full-time in 2006 at the National College of Photography, after completing a BA degree in Communications end of 2005.

With a qualification she could start a career in Photography, first as Erika B Wedding Photography, later on as Erika Venter specialising in newborn photography and now, turning a new page in 2017 as Luka Photography.

The dandelion is her favourite! It had to stick, from the beginning to now as part of her branding. Nothing to do with light, nothing to do with photos, but everything to do with nature, living light, gentleness and beauty. Ideas so close to our hearts.

You will see this in our stories, how she captures every moment for what it is, becoming part of our lives and our stories.



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