Arlene says she always wanted to crochet but never really had the time with a demanding nine to five career. A blessing in disguise forced her to keep her hands busy when she was retrenched and their family relocated.

Her first project was the all comforting and universal starter project – The Blankie.

She soon realised those nimble fingers were made for bigger things. Baby flip-flops, headbands and toys.

The very popular Tooth-Faerie-Mouse has helped many a little girl or boy to embrace switching from baby teeth to a permanent set of pearlies. No less than ninety Tooth-Mice are cheering up homes around the country.


She has travelled as far as Namibia and New York to showcase her beautiful apparel and fun toys.

As you can imagine, this is not something you can rush, as no handwork can be. She has a waiting list of six weeks. It is all worth the wait, especially the look on your little one’s face when she sees her special outfits for photoshoots or parties.

We agree and will always have something special from Lienielief (Lienielove) in our wardrobes.

More of Arlene’s work @lienielief



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