We proudly introduce:

Robyn Fuller from Ripleycatco, Doll Maker/Artist

My name is Robyn and I am a single Mommy to two uniquely wild girls. To say I am passionate about Art and creating is an understatement. 

Dollmaking unexpectedly crossed my path and allowed me to enter a magical world without rules where I could let my imagination take charge.

Ribleycatco dollsI hope to convey a universe of possibilities where all children can be inspired to be whatever makes them happy and to show that it’s okay to be different because it makes one unique and the world needs more people like that. We need more Dreamers, Artists, Poets and Musicians… @ripleycatco

We absolutely love her dolls. When ordering your own, she custom makes it to your liking, and to your family’s traits.

Mishka received her beautiful dolls, with handpainted wings, crochet tops and scarfs in a neat little branded bag. Their eye colours matching our eye colours. All with a letter from the Faerie Queen herself. She even includes instructions on how to care for your little friends.

The amount of detail that goes into every doll, every outfit is unbelievable, until you receive your own custom made set.


watercolour cameraby Luka Photography





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