Gillian Coetzee

I was so lucky to find Gillian Coetzee! What I love most about her work is the depth and natural tone of her photographs. She has insight into the message I want to convey and captures essential moments and expressions as it happens.


Quirky oversized knotted cushions are beautiful accessories to brighten up a room and endless fun for Mishka to play with. Koosh-uhn is an online store that designs and creates products for little ones, homes and special occasions. We love custom designs so please contact us with your ideas so we can bring them to life.

Bear Bear & Me

One of my first suppliers was Bear Bear & Me. Comfortable and pretty shoes are irresistible! A beautiful vintage inspired footwear collection created by award-winning fashion designer Carmen Rochelle. Our footwear collections are classic, stylish and sometimes quirky and are inspired by shoes worn throughout the decades. Our brand aims to focus on hand-made artisanal footwear aesthetics with each … Continue reading Bear Bear & Me